Lending Library – Booktube Project

Watch the following booktubes.

As you can see a booktube is a review of a certain book.

Notice that first children mention the title and author of the book and then they carry out a task. Choose among one of these:

1. Describe the main characters. Then, think if you were a movie director which famous actor/actress you would choose to perform those roles if the book was turned into a movie. Give reasons.

2. Think of the ending of the story and change it in a radical way.

3. Look at the cover of the book and explain whether you believe it is a good cover or not. Draw a new one and expand on your choices.

4. Choose one of the secondary characters and retell the story from his/her point of view.

Some final tips before you record your booktube.

a. Read your book.
b. Choose the activity that you will be developing.
c. Write an outline of your booktube.
d. Practice your booktube in a loud voice, check that it is not too short or too long.
e. Have any visuals you might need to use at hand.

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Lourdes’s Booktube

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The 100 Years War

Read information about this war


More info

Read about Joan of Arc

Follow this link: Joan of Arc Maid of Heaven

Prepare a summary (you´ll need it later on)

Gather information about the war

-when it happened and who participated

-important battles

-Joan of Arc: who was her?

-important facts about her life

-why was she a strange girl?

-how did she die?

Watch this presentation and the,n in pairs, prepare your own presentation on The 100 Years War and Joan of Arc. Include only important information and sources of evidence.


Questions to help you guide your presentation

More information on Joan of Arc

Group work: Use the pages you have read, the booklet and any other sources you want and to make a clear presentation.

Share your presentation with me: pat.chujman@lascumbres.edu.ar




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Resultado de imagen para frankenstein mary shelley

Look at the picture and describe what you can see. Include a symbol.

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Lourdes´s Booktube.

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Beni’s Booktube

This is Beni’s booktube.

Hope you like it!

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Henry II and T. Becket

In class, we saw a presentation and students took notes to later on complete an exercise.

We all talked and discussed the case!

Good work Junior 6!!

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Sofi, Cata, Luchi and Fran’s Booktube

Hi, I share with you some more booktubes!! I hope you are having fun! I would like to know if there is any special book you want to read! Let me know!!!

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Martu, Joaco and Oli’s booktube

Hi, here you have some more book tubes to look at!! Be careful, this post will include more than one, so don’t forget to mention the name of the student in your comment!!

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Carme’s Booktube

This is Carme’s booktube. Look at it and share a comment!

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Joaco P’s booktube

Pay a look at Joaco’s booktube! Don’t forget to post a comment!

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