Lending Library – Booktube Project

Watch the following booktubes.

As you can see a booktube is a review of a certain book.

Notice that first children mention the title and author of the book and then they carry out a task. Choose among one of these:

1. Describe the main characters. Then, think if you were a movie director which famous actor/actress you would choose to perform those roles if the book was turned into a movie. Give reasons.

2. Think of the ending of the story and change it in a radical way.

3. Look at the cover of the book and explain whether you believe it is a good cover or not. Draw a new one and expand on your choices.

4. Choose one of the secondary characters and retell the story from his/her point of view.

Some final tips before you record your booktube.

a. Read your book.
b. Choose the activity that you will be developing.
c. Write an outline of your booktube.
d. Practice your booktube in a loud voice, check that it is not too short or too long.
e. Have any visuals you might need to use at hand.

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The Kites are Flying

Imagen relacionada

After reading the book, let´s work on these tasks

  1. This book is told from many different points of view:




Explain the viewpoint of each of them.

2. Find a quote to prove all these themes:

• Freedom
• Innocent joy
• Hope
• Escape from daily troubles on earth
• Friendship, reconciliation and peace
• Keeping memory of brother alive

3. What do you think of the ending of the story? What did the kites mean for Said and the
Jewish girl? What moral do you think the author is expressing?

4.  Imagine the interview film-maker Max might have had with the girl in the blue headscarf. Would she have shared Said’s ideas?

Share your answers in a drive with me: pat.chujman@lascumbres.edu.ar

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Oral Presentations!!

Hello! I share with you the scheme you can follow to prepare your oral presentations! I share an example with you. Remember what you saw in Junior 7’s World Cup Project as well!!

Don’t forget to send me an email if you have any kind of doubts and to share the presentation with me in advance!



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Mid Year Oral Exam – July 12th (Thursday)

As we told you today in class, here you will find the texts to read for your oral exam. Take your time, read and re-read the texts, look up those words that you do not know the meaning of and try to relate to what you read. Think about these questions:

Have you ever experienced fear? What were you afraid of? Are you still afraid of that thing or not any longer?

Can you relate to the characters in the different stories? How?

Check the rubric below to prepare for your exam.

You will not be evaluated on the use of images for this exam.

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Past Simple or Past Continuous ?

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Simple Past or Present Perfect?

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Tenses and more tenses!

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It´s revision time!

Watch these tutorials to study for the mid term tests!

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Mid-Year History Test

Dear kiddies,

You are going to prepare a presentation on a topic we have not studied together in class.

Use google presentations, share your work with me once you have finished your exam.

Read carefully all my instructions, follow all my suggestions and you will be really successful!

If you happen to have doubts, write to me: pat.chujman@lascumbres.edu.ar


Edward the Confessor

  1. Who was Edward the Confessor? When did he rule England? Why was he given this name? Say something interesting about him. What happened when he died? (1-2 slides)




Candidates to the English Throne

  1. Who were the 3 more important candidates to become King of England? Show pictures of them. ( 1 slide)
  2. What reasons did they have to be claiming the throne? Use sources to prove their ideas ( 2 slides)
  3. Who do you think is the best candidate to the throne? Explain why. (1 slide) Give your opinion using some of the following phrases:

I agree with …              I feel that …       I don´t think that…..

I have no doubt that / I’m certain that …

I’ve never really thought about this before, but …

Personally, my opinion is that …                I strongly believe that….

I could be wrong, but …             I’m absolutely sure that …





Battle of Stamford Bridge and Battle of Hastings

  1. Who fought in these two battles? Who won? What were the advantages and disadvantages each army had? Give details and prove ideas with sources (pictures, letters, documents, maps, etc) (3 slides)
  2. What is “The Bayeux Tapestry”? Why is it important? Find a source. (1 slide)
  3. A new period started in England in 1066. What was the name given? What did the new King do as soon as he got to London? (1 slide)







-Respect the number of slides

-DO NOT COPY AND PASTE! Use your own words

-Include sources (photos and documents to prove your ideas) Explain why the source is important.

-Submit your exam on July 6.

Here you can see what I am going to take into account to assess your presentation

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