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Henry II and T. Becket

In class, we saw a presentation and students took notes to later on complete an exercise. Henry II de Pato_Ch We all talked and discussed the case! Good work Junior 6!!

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Oral Presentations!!

Hello! I share with you the scheme you can follow to prepare your oral presentations! I share an example with you. Remember what you saw in Junior 7’s World Cup Project as well!! Don’t forget to send me an email … Continue reading

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Analysing sources

For each source say: -if it is primary or secondary -2 things you know about what the picture shows A model of a Celtic shield Iron Age Celtic social villages (reconstruction) A Celtic torc that can be seen at the … Continue reading

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The Celts

Look at this different objects and say everything you remember about Celts! Celtic helmet Celtic torc Celtic houses  Celtic shield Celtic chariot  Celtic warrior    

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The Celts

This is a presentation about the Celts, the first people in Britain. Watch the presentation in class and take notes of important facts and events. Later, you´ll have to complete a worksheet. The celts new from Pato_Ch

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History: The British Isles

Countries and Capitals Flags  

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Welcome Back!

Hey kiddies! We are very happy to be your teachers of English this year. We are going to learn lots of new things and have fun, too! Can´t wait to meet you!

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