Tokyo by Sofi

Click on the this link to see Sofi´s presentation.

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Travel Agents for a day!

Here is a brochure with all the different destinations we have researched for you to have amazing holidays!

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Our Art Project

After working with our unit of Art we decided to create a virtual museum with our favorite paintings. Take a look at them and share your thoughts with us.

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Fun games to revise for the YLE!

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Delfi’s oral presentation

Today it was Delfi’s oral presentation. She talked about Paris and its beautiful places to visit. Well done, Delfi!

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Feli’s oral presentation

Today de had Feli’s oral presentation and she talked about the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. She talked about some of its famous artists and famous sites to visit.

At the end of her presentation, she gave each of us a crossword. We had lots of fun doing it together! Well done, Feli!!

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Schmoe White and the Seven Dorfs

Last week Marina came to our class and read the amazing story of SnowWhite but with some twists! We had a blast! Thank you so much Marina! We really enjoyed it!

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Oli´s Special Day

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Lourdes`s Oral Presentation

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