Mati’s Booktube

Hi! Pay a look at Mati’s booktube and leave your comment!

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Mary’s booktube

Hi! This is Mary’s booktube. She decided to create a new cover! What do you think about it? Leave a comment.

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Thomas’ booktube

This is Thomas booktube on Farm Boy! Watch it and comment on it!!

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Ambar’s booktube

This is Ambar´s new cover! Pay a look at her video and leave a comment!!

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Luz’s booktube


This is Luz’s booktube. She read I believe in Unicorns! Watch the video and leave a comment about it!

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Mate’s booktube about Esio Trot

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Manu’s Booktube on The Twits

Hi everybody,

This is Manu’s booktube. Leave a comment saying what you think about his story!

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Franco’s Booktube on Dear Olly

This is Franco’s booktube. Pay a look at it and leave your comments!!


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The Kites are Flying

Imagen relacionada

After reading the book, let´s work on these tasks

  1. This book is told from many different points of view:




Explain the viewpoint of each of them.

2. Find a quote to prove all these themes:

• Freedom
• Innocent joy
• Hope
• Escape from daily troubles on earth
• Friendship, reconciliation and peace
• Keeping memory of brother alive

3. What do you think of the ending of the story? What did the kites mean for Said and the
Jewish girl? What moral do you think the author is expressing?

4.  Imagine the interview film-maker Max might have had with the girl in the blue headscarf. Would she have shared Said’s ideas?

Share your answers in a drive with me:

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Oral Presentations!!

Hello! I share with you the scheme you can follow to prepare your oral presentations! I share an example with you. Remember what you saw in Junior 7’s World Cup Project as well!!

Don’t forget to send me an email if you have any kind of doubts and to share the presentation with me in advance!



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